Want To Get Rid Of Your Acne? Try Clinique’s 3-step Skin Care System!

I used to have a few pimples on my face but they weren’t too bad. One day, I got a huge pimple on my forehead and it looked like a third eye. My first thought was to find the best way to get rid of it and to get rid of pimples altogether. I did my research and there were many good reviews on the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care system. Clinique does a good job at the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness as the foundation of caring for all skin conditions depending on the skin type of the user. It was a bit expensive for the whole package but I decided to give it a chance and see where it will take me.

The total skin care package comes with three products: facial soap, clarifying lotion, and moisturizer.

The first step is the facial soap. The facial soap comes in two different forms of either liquid facial soap or facial soap bar. It has different types of facial soaps for different skin types such as dry, oily or a combination of both. I chose to buy the liquid facial soap, because it’s easier to use and for travel purposes.

The second step is the clarifying lotion. The clarifying lotion also comes in different bottles for different skin types. It is used for exfoliating your skin as it sweeps away pollution, excess oil, and dulling flakes to reveal fresher skin. This is the key step to eliminating those pimples.

The third step is the moisturizer, which also comes in different packages for different skin types. The moisturizer is essential to maintaining optimal moisture balance.

The Clinique 3-Step Skin Care system definitely did solve my acne problems. Within one or two days, my skin was completely clear.

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